Spring 2021 – Laser Cutting

B957B369-2756-4DB4-895A-676B3C82AE6DLaser cutters are not new technology but are starting to become more accessible – with agencies available to cut items for you – and affordable – meaning clubs, groups of modellers or even individuals can start to consider the purchase of these tools.


  • An Introduction – Mark Riddoch presents an introduction to the use of laser cutters.
  • Roger Noble passes on his experience of using a laser cutter for production of buildings with an examination of the practicalities involved in designing for and cutting with a laser cutter. This is available in two parts:
    • Part 1 – Roger starts with the basics of creating your laser cut “kit of parts”.
    • Part 2 – Roger continues with the exploration of the practicalities of laser cutting.


  • Transporter Wagon – Inspired by the Leek & Manifold Railway narrow gauge transporter wagon Mark Riddoch describes Roger Noble’s laser cut design for a 009 wagon that can transport 00 wagons around their industrial layout.