Chris Langdon – Electronics for the beginner

From first clockwork train set as a child, he has built or been involved in building layouts for most of his life. He joined the Watford MRC in 1977, and was involved in wiring many of the club layouts & organising some of their exhibitions in the 1980’s.

Chris’ interest is BR Steam, mainly Southern Region. He likes building layouts, integrating everything to produce a pleasing and plausible representation of a railway operating in a realistic manner. He has now started on signalling, which he believes is the major shortcoming in most model railways. Modern electronics makes this relatively easy compared with some traditional approaches.

1996 saw Chris persuading Martin Brent to take over the running of the Missenden weekends and he in turn took over when Martin died in 2000. Chris ran the weekends and introduce the Summer Retreat before handing over to the next group of organisers in 2019. Chris is an active member of MERG and has contributed to the MERG C-Bus project. Chris co-presents the DVD Right Track 12 – Wiring your Layout.