An Introduction to Templot with Gordon Ashton

Templot is a computer programme that enables you to make track templates in any gauge based on prototype practice.   Plain track, turnouts, crossings and slips can be designed and tailored to suit your layout.

The aim is to help you find your way round the software.  We’ve designed it for the beginner or someone who has looked at the programme but got a bit befuddled by it.  The whole premise is to help you become familiar with the controls, terminology and manipulations so that you can go home confident in your ability to make templates, manipulate them and design simple layouts.

If you can use a computer you can find your way round the basics of Templot. 

The course aims to cover:

    • Common track terminology
    • Templot terminology
    • Trackpad, what is where
    • Setting scale and other parameters
    • Drawing plain track
    • Drawing a simple turnout
    • Manipulating drawings
    • Connecting drawings
    • Importing drawings and backgrounds
    • A look at more complex track parts such as crossovers and slips

If you have a plan in mind, our aim is for you to have made a start on it and go home knowing what you need to do next.