Mick Bonwick – A Weathering Master

Mick Bonwick - Weathering
Mick Bonwick

At the end of July 2021 we received the very sad news of the death of Missenden tutor and organiser Mick Bonwick. Mick was not only a very talented weatherer but also a much liked and admired modeller. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him or merely followed his modelling work.

There is perhaps no better way to remember Mick than through admiring his skill in creating convincing weathering and the way his willingness to share his methods with others. It is our good fortune that the adversity of the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with material and recording that we otherwise might not have had available to us.

The following are a series of video recordings of Mick Bonwick’s weathering sessions from the virtual Missenden weekends that took place during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

In addition to the video session a number of Mick’s projects also featured in our virtual events.


  • A Irish Railways Class 121 – Mick Bonwick’s step by step guide to weathering a Murphy Models Class 121 Locomotive.
  • A 7mm British Rail 14xx – Mick Bonwick shows all the stages involved in weathering this 7mm locomotive.
  • Hopper Wagons – Mick Bonwick shows the use of a paint mask when air brushing and also the importance of variation when weathering a set of wagons.
  • Brushes & their uses – It’s important to know what tool to use when tackling any job.
  • Highlighting grilles – Weathering not only makes our models more realistic but can also highlight the surface detail of a model.
  • Weathering with wash and pigment – An exercise in weathering limited to two products, a wash and pigment (weathering powder).
  • The interior of a tender – Tenders have to contend with not just the weather but the corrosive effects of coal and water.
  • Weathering Ballast – It is not just rolling stock that shows the effects of weather.
  • Blob Removal – How to remove those blobs of wash and paint.


  • Airbrush Cleaning – Keeping your airbrush clean is essential to its health and the quality of your result.

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