Spring 2021 – 3D Printing

Welcome to the 3D Printing Room, a guest topic for our Spring 2021 virtual event.

Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 23.46.54Videos

  • First Steps in 3D printing – Chris Langdon describes his first steps in 3D printing.
  • Technologies & Buying Criteria – Mark Riddoch talks about 3D printing technologies, applications of 3D printing and what to think about when considering a purchase.
  • An example 3D printing project from start to end. Mark Riddoch designs and prints a simple motor  mount.
    • Part 1 – designing and drawing the motor mount
    • Part 2 – preparing and printing the motor mount
  • A rolling stock project – Mark Riddoch looks at using 3D printing to solve a problem with a Morel propeller wagon kit.
    • Lessons Learnt – A follow-up on this project to discuss the lessons learnt during the production of the prints.
  • York Road Underground – as part of Tim Watson’s workbench presentation given on the Saturday of this weekend he discussed how 3D printing is being used as part of the London Underground extension to Copenhagen Fields.


  • Building a 3D Printed Drewry – Chris Hopper describes his build of a Drewry Diesel from a 3D printed kit.
  • 3D Glossary – Mark Riddoch has compiled a glossary of common terms associated with 3D printing.