Good weathering can enormously improve the realism of your model railway, moving it away from the shiney “toy train” look to a believable representation of the real world. It is a subject growing in popularity among railway modellers, but also one that many fear. Our aim is to allow people to overcome the fears and produce realistic results using tried and trusted techniques. 

We provide tuition in a wide range of weathering techniques including a limited number of places with airbrushing equipment provided. You can learn in a relaxed environment where you work at your own pace or simply take the opportunity to progress your own projects.

This course is suitable for all levels of ability and experience. We usually have a mix of those for whom this is the first time they have tried weathering to others who have been on our courses before and want to take things further.

During the course of the weekend we will look at tools, equipment and materials which will help in the creation of realistic weathering effects, discuss approaches to weathering and then go on to use them on your models. The aim is for you to take home models hat you have weathered during the weekend.

31954417427_f0c55c2d98_cChris Hopper will cover the use and care of airbrushes but will show how other techniques can be used to complement airbrushing. 

You are welcome to bring your own airbrushing equipment including spray booth, compressor and airbrush etc. but we do have some airbrushing equipment for you to use if you wish. Many modellers come along to try airbrushing before they buy their own equipment. Please contact us at the time of booking if you would like to use our airbrushing equipment (or to discuss your own equipment) as we only have a limited number of “equipment-provided” places.

A list of materials and tools we recommend you bring to the course is provided below although we do provide a wide range of weathering materials for you to try. Our tutor will be happy to advise before the course if you wish.


All our weathering is based on observation of reality, so it’s essential to bring along a selection of photographs showing your prototypes in the kind of condition you’d like to replicate. These pictures are invaluable as reference and inspiration while weathering your models. A little pre-course research always pays off!



The use and care of airbrushes is a key element of the weekend and  we will provide a number of relevant but short structured sessions during the course.