Spring 2021 Virtual Weekend

Welcome to the Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers Virtual Spring weekend. We once again are presenting a virtual event due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.


A normal Missenden Weekend is divided into a number of rooms, with each room hosting a particular subject within the hobby. This virtual weekend will be no different as we have organised the material into a similar set of rooms. Just like a physical visit to the Abbey you are free to wander between those rooms and see what is on offer there.  You can move between rooms by using the navigation bar on the right of the screen.

As is always the case in a weekend we will also be having a number of timetabled events, these will take the form of live online presentations with the opportunity to not just watch the tutors demonstrate techniques, but also to interact with them. These sessions will also be recorded for those of you that miss them and wish to review them afterwards.

Our Virtual Autumn Weekend is also still available to be viewed by clicking on this link.


By way of inspiration we present a video of Faringdon, a layout built by Stephen Williams and Rex Davidson.