What Should I Bring?

Our list of recommended tools covers most conceivable needs. This will depend what you are working on, but there’s a fair chance you’ll already own most of them.

Serious toolkits are not compulsory and some items you may care to see in use or try before you acquire them yourself.  It is well known among regular attendees that if you are short of something, someone else will have it!

The lists are suggestions and contain tools that many modellers will have in their toolbox. There will also be other items that modellers have gathered and found useful. Modellers at Missenden are friendly and helpful, so ask if you see anything that interests you ar if you have any questions. You will get all sorts of ideas and tips about useful tools.

The Abbey provides a quantity of desklights. As a rule these are the daylight-bulb type and may not be suitable or sufficiently powerful for all modelling applications, especially where close work is involved. If at all possible we suggest you bring with you the light you’re used to working with at home.

Whatever you get, buy the best tools you can afford. They should last a lifetime!