DCC Sound & Lights

The course will be looking at DCC Decoder installation, sound and lighting from a finecale perspective, aiming primarily at newcomers to the DCC sound world who want to explore how sound-equipped locos and/or adding lighting can enhance the operational realism of their railway.

It will look at such topics as:

    • what finescale sound actually means, because it will mean different things to different ears.
    • the needs of different scales, and
    • consider what each attendee wants to get from the use of on-board DCC sound.

Photo: Courtesy YouChoos DCC Sound

Installation is going to be a large part of the content:

    • decoder choices,
    • speaker choices,
    • placement of the speaker in the model for best results,
    • the use of synchronisers – chuff cams – in steam locos, and
    • other general DCC installation tips and techniques.
    • programming the decoder’s CVs is another area which we’ll make sure we look at and
    • we’ll also explore tools such as DecoderPro to make that easier and more fun.

Photo: Courtesy YouChoos DCC Sound
As with all Missenden courses, the intention is to give you space to work and encourage you to call on the expertise of not only the tutor but also the other attendees. There’s no electronics knowledge required for this course. The nearest you will get to that will be soldering wires together, and the use of computers to assist in decoder CV programming, with DecoderPro. While we will be looking at decoder choices, it’s unlikely we’ll have time to look in any detail at making your own sound projects and loading them in to decoders. That’s, potentially, one for another day.

Photo: Courtesy YouChoos DCC Sound