We provide a wide range of study options. All our tutors are experienced modellers who can help in areas beyond their own subject, though that specialism is what they are primarily here to teach.

On the other pages in this section are descriptions of thevarious specialist areas that are available.  We ask you to choose a particular area to work on for the weekend, but you can follow your own project.  For example, if you want to build coaches or bridges, or learn about DCC, go where you think you will get the most appropriate support.

The courses are open to all, however we recommend you review individual courses to make sure they are going to give you the level of support you need given your experience level. A number of the courses assume no prior knowledge of the subject, but some prior modelling knowledge may be assumed. The individual course descriptions will help you decide, if you are unsure if a course is right for you then please contact us via this website.

It is important that you a) do what you want and b) enjoy yourself.

If you’re not sure about anything, or can’t quite match what you’d like to do with what we seem to be offering, then Get in Touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.