Structure Modelling

Regular tutor Jerry Clifford returns to Missenden with a new course on Structure modelling. This course complements the Building Construction course, allowing modellers to develop their own projects as opposed to the more structured approach of our other course offering.

Structures form an important part of any model railway and can be as important as our trains in setting the scene and we get a number of requests to cover this at one of our weekends.

Jerry has wide experience of structure modelling using a variety of techniques and tools and has agreed to lead this new hands-on course.

You will have an opportunity to work at your own pace on one or more structures of your choice. Jerry will be available to help you with your project whether it is making the most of a basic cardboard or plastic kit or a specific scratch-built replica based on a prototype.

The course will not only provide an opportunity to make progress on your own project(s) but also see what other course members are doing and learn from them as well.  

There will also be a number of short, informal presentations during the weekend based on requests from course participants. These could include topics such as representing different roofing, options for making windows, guttering and drain pipes.

Jerry will also be able to provide guidance on research and planning as well as setting buildings in the layout.  

King William WharfAny Missenden weekend also includes a number of demonstrations open to all attendees and Jerry will bring along his compact 2mm fine scale cameo layout William Smiths Wharf which will provide an opportunity to see how he plans and uses structures on a model railway and places them in a detailed setting. Jerry has already provided an insight into this process as part of the session he did for our virtual event in Spring 2021.  

What you chose to do will determine what tools and materials you bring. To get the most out of the weekend you will need to discuss your plans and objectives with Jerry before the course.