Spring 2021 – Layout Planning & Design

Welcome to the Layout Planning and Design room.

This is a new topic for the virtual event, a place where we will assemble advice and resources to help you plan and build your dream layout.



  • Layout research – the importance of knowing the prototype for your layout.
  • Layout design – capturing the design of your layout.
  • Faringdon – inspiration and the result of meticulous planning & design.
  • Securing your layout wiring – Ian Morton talks about how to keep your layout wiring both tidy and secure.
  • Control panel design – In his live session on Saturday Pete Brownlow demonstrated how JMRI can be used to design the control panel for your layout. He also talked about sensors needed if you wish to have feedback or automated control of your layout.

Right Track 19 Layout Planning and Design features lots of useful content for the layout designer, the contents of that DVD are reproduced here by kind permission of Activity Media and the presenters Paul Lunn & Paul Marshall-Potter.

Live Session

Jerry Clifford will host a live session on Sunday morning in which he will be running through planning the layout and adapting the prototype. He will touch on  the elements such as scenics, display, stock etc. He will run through the whole thing as a fairly informal narrative with pictures to illustrate all aspects. Jerry will be happy to take questions as we go along – via the chat function  – and at the end.

A recording of this session is now available in our live session recording page.