Virtual Missenden – Detailing Ready to Run Models

This is a new modelling room for Missenden this weekend. Karl Crowther was due to give this course for the first time at the Autumn weekend but unfortunately the pandemic has altered all our plans and instead we present this virtual version.

Screenshot 2020-10-11 at 21.34.38Projects

A set of different projects showing the detailing of ready to run stock as well as a few wagon kit projects.

  • Coaches – A number of projects that improve specific coaches but also shows the general techniques involved.
  • Wagons – Improving both ready to run and kit wagons.
  • Locomotives – A set of locomotive improvement projects.


  • Upgrading RTR Models – Tim Shackleton discusses some upgrades for ready to run stock. Tim has asked us to point out that this document is several years old, the prices quoted are out of date and it may reference products that are no longer available but we think it still provides an interesting read. Tim’s current upgrading projects regularly appear in Hornby Magazine.