Virtual Missenden – Scenery

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A series of videos featuring Barry Norman taken from Right Track volumes 5 & 6. These videos are reproduced here by kind permission of Activity Media.


  • Ealing Road in Perspective – A look at the perspective modelling used by the Missenden Railway Modellers in the Channel 5 Great Model Railway Challenge programme. Reproduced by kind permission of Railway Modeller.
  • Tarpaulins – A item from Andrew Hicks that describes how he made the tarpaulins for Ealing Road. Scalescenes have graciously given us the sheet of tarpaulins used in this article to be made freely available, Click here to download the Scalescenes Tarpaulins sheet.
  • Missenden Scenery – An extensive guide from Bob Alderman that takes you from bare baseboard to scenic layout.
  • Palette of Colours – A discussion on the colour palette and how it affects your model.

Some slides from various talks by Barry Norman: