Virtual Missenden – Detailing Coaches

Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 17.16.01A number of projects related to detailing ready to run coaches, in this case the Hornby Pullman cars. These videos are taken from Right Track volume 4, Detailing Ready to Run Rolling Stock and are presented by previous Missenden tutor Tony Wright. Our thanks to Activity Media for allowing these videos to be reproduced here.

  • 1925 Pullman Car – Tony improves the latest Hornby Pullman car that represents a 1925 Pullman by replacing the couplings and gangways.
  • 1928 Pullman Car – This time Tony takes the earlier Hornby Pullman car that represents the later 1928 Pullman car. The major problem with these models was incorrect bogies, these are replaced with something more realistic.
  • Pullman Car Interior – The older Hornby Pullman car had a white interior, unlike the detailed interior of the newer one. Tony looks at improving the interior and renaming the 1928 car.
  • Hornby Gresley – Tony Wright performs major surgery on a Hornby Gresley, adding new brass side overlays.
  • Bachmann Thompson – An older example of a ready to run coach from Bachmann is improved with brass side overlays, corrected roof detail and improvements to the bogies

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