Virtual Missenden – Wiring Your Layout

A series of videos on the subject of wiring your layout. Ian Morton and former Missenden organiser Chris Langdon discuss basic electrical installations for our layouts. These videos are reproduced here by kind permission of Activity Media, Ian Morton and Chris Langdon.

  • Introduction – An introduction and some basic principles of model railway wiring.
  • DC Controllers – A review of the different types of DC controllers.
  • Soldering to the Track – Soldering wires to the track is a skill that must be developed.
  • Planning the layout – Ian and Chris plan the layout that will be used in this series of videos.
  • Section breaks – What they are, why we need them and where to place them.
  • Track Connections – An overview of the track connections required for the demo layout.
  • Building & Testing – Ian and Chris look at building and testing the demo layout.
  • Track Connecting Block – A connecting block for attaching the track feeds to the controller.
  • Control Panel – Ian and Chris talk about control panels.
  • Plugs & Sockets – We look at the use of plugs and sockets.
  • Point Motors – We move away from wiring the traction power to wiring point motors.
  • Reversing Loop – Adding a reversing loop to your layout brings with it specific wiring requirements.
  • Connecting for DCC – In this video we look at migrating the layout from DC to DCC.
  • Summing Up – Ian and Chris sum up the wiring project.

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