Virtual Missenden – Soldering

The soldering desk in the locomotive building room. A collection of demonstrations, hints and tips on the subject of soldering metal kits. We cover both conventional soldering and resistance soldering.

Blackened Nut-1Videos

  • Brass Soldering – A demonstration of soldering brass components, in this case a bearing. 
  • Laminating – A demonstration of laminating coupling rods.
  • Controlling Solder – Tony Wright shows us how to control the way solder moves when soldering on the splashers of the Alan Gibson 4F. 
  • Seam Soldering – Tony Wright demonstrates soldering a seam when adding a valance to the footplate of an Alan Gibson 4F.
  • White Metal Soldering – Tony Wright demonstrates white metal soldering.
  • Resistance Soldering – David Brandreth’s demonstration of resistance soldering from Virtual ScaleForum 2020.
  • Making a chisel – David Brandreth describes how he makes chisels for the purposes of cleaning up solder.

Conventional Soldering

Resistance Soldering

  • Spirit of Resistance by David Brandreth – A comprehensive article by David Brandreth on the subject of resistance soldering. There is also a video demonstration first made available at the virtual ScaleForum event.
  • RSU by Bob Alderman – Resistance soldering is becoming more popular amongst the modellers at Missenden weekends, here Bob gives the benefits of his knowledge on the subject

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