Virtual Missenden – DCC


  • DCC Systems – A review of a number of different DCC Systems with Howard Watkins
  • SPROG & DecoderPro – An introduction to DecoderPro and the SPROG programmer.
  • DecoderPro – A further review of the use of DecoderPro.
  • Speed Curves – Setting the acceleration characteristics of your locomotive.
  • Directional Lighting – An introduction to directional lighting using DCC.
  • Function Mapping –  Following on from the section on directional lighting Howard shows how to use function mapping to obtain more prototypical lighting effects.
  • Coach Lighting – Installing coach lighting on DCC layouts.
  • Smoke Generators – Adding smoke generators.
  • DCC Sound – An introduction to DCC sound with Howard Watkins.
  • Speakers & Enclosures – A look at speakers and enclosures for DCC sound installations.
  • JMRI Throttles – JMRI offers DCC throttles with a variety of benefits and the ability to use a phone, iPod or tablet as a wireless throttle.
  • Short Circuit Protection – A look at short circuit protection for DCC layouts.
  • Polarity Switching – Switching polarity for reversing loops, turntables etc.


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