Virtual Missenden – Boiler Fittings


  • Boiler seams – Not strictly speaking about boiler fittings, but relevant to boilers in general. A solution for etched boilers that are not quite big enough for the ends to meet when they are rolled.
  • Chemically Blackening – The technique of chemically blackening metal parts.
  • Making tiny details – A guide to make some of those small bits that might not be included in your kit or for when scratch building.


A number of video extracts taken from the Right Track DVD series, volume 2 locomotive construction.

We start with two clips showing alternate means of fitting chimneys and domes to our boilers. Firstly using epoxy resin.

[vplayer id=1575]

Alternatively soldering these components

[vplayer id=1621]

Adding the smoke box door to a white metal kit

[vplayer id=1573]

Adding boiler bands to a boiler that does not have a representation of them. The same technique can be used if the kit has over scale or incorrect boiler bands. First remove the incorrect representation.

[vplayer id=1625]

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