Virtual Missenden – Trouble Shooting

Screenshot 2020-09-26 at 18.50.18A series of videos taken from Right Track volume 18 that features Missenden locomotive building tutor Tony Gee. Our thanks to Activity Media, Tony Gee and Ken Hill for allowing us to include this material.

  • Introduction – Tony Gee and Ken Hill look at causes of poor running.
  • Trackwork – A look at track work issues that affect running properties.
  • Track Cleaning – Looking at dirty track, its affect and how to clean it.
  • Cleaning Points – A detailed examination of a point and how dirt affects them. 
  • Gauges – Tony Gee examines track and back-to-back gauges, how to use them and the affects of incorrect gauge and back-to-back settings.
  • Why does it keep stopping – Martin Brent’s extensive article on the reasons for poor running.

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