Virtual Missenden – GWR 61XX

The video clips below show former Missenden tutor Tony Wright building a South Eastern Finecast 61XX. These are taken from the Right Track DVD’s volumes 1 and 2 and are reproduced here by kind permission of Activity Media.

Wheels, Motor & Gearbox

[vplayer id=2361]

Fitting Pickups

[vplayer id=2363]

Test the Chassis

[vplayer id=2365]

Securing the rods

[vplayer id=2367]

Fitting Balance Weights

[vplayer id=2371]

The body

[vplayer id=2385]

Preparing the boiler

[vplayer id=1562]

The 61xx body

[vplayer id=1569]

Fitting Handrails

[vplayer id=1571]

Lamp Brackets, Supports and Smoke Box Doors

[vplayer id=1573]

Fixing Chimneys with Epoxy Resin 

[vplayer id=1575]

Cylinders & Valve Bars

[vplayer id=1577]

Connecting Rods

[vplayer id=1579]

On The Test Track

[vplayer id=1581]

Cylinder Drain Cocks

[vplayer id=1583]

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