Virtual Missenden – DJH A2 Pacific

Former Missenden tutor Tony Wright builds a DJH kit of an LNER A2. These video clips are from the Right Track video series, volumes 1 & 2 and are reproduced by kind permission of Activity Media.

Building the basic chassis

[vplayer id=2330]

Retaining nuts

[vplayer id=2332]


[vplayer id=2379]

Firebox & Boiler

[vplayer id=2381]


[vplayer id=2383]

Cab Handrails

[vplayer id=2387]

Tender Chassis

[vplayer id=2389]

Completing the A2 Pacific

[vplayer id=1585]

Fitting the Cab Roof

[vplayer id=1587]

Fitting the Chimney

[vplayer id=1589]

Shaping the Smoke Deflectors

[vplayer id=1591]

Fitting Smoke Deflectors & Handrails

[vplayer id=1593]

Tender Frames & Wheels

[vplayer id=1595]

Making the Tender Body

[vplayer id=1597]

Making the Valve Gear

[vplayer id=1599]

Fitting the Valve Gear

[vplayer id=1601]

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