Virtual Missenden – 4F

A series of video clips from Right Track volumes 1 & 2 showing the construction of an Alan Gibson etched brass kit of a Midland 4F. Former Missenden tutor Tony Wright takes us through the stages of construction. These video clips are reproduced here by kind permission of Activity Media.


[vplayer id=2357]

Fitting Gibson wheels

[vplayer id=2369]


[vplayer id=2373]


[vplayer id=2375]

Adding Valance

[vplayer id=2377]

Completing the Alan Gibson 4F

[vplayer id=1603]

Making the Firebox

[vplayer id=1605]

Fitting the Firebox

[vplayer id=1607]

The Smoke Box & Boiler

[vplayer id=1609]

Cab Beading & Handrails

[vplayer id=1611]

Tender Frames

[vplayer id=1613]

Building the Tender Body

[vplayer id=1615]

Marking Positions for Handrail Pillars

[vplayer id=1617]

Lamp Brackets & Other Details

[vplayer id=1619]

Soldering Chimney & Dome

[vplayer id=1621]

Making Boiler Bands

[vplayer id=1623]

Final Tender Details

[vplayer id=1625]

The Completed 4F

[vplayer id=1627]

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