New for Autumn 2021 – Improving Ready to Run and Kit Built Stock with Karl Crowther

Tank WagonOriginally scheduled for Autumn 2020 Karl Crowther will be running a course on improving ready to run stock and kits. Over recent years the quality of ready to run stock has improved, however there are still things that can be done to improve these items or to turn one item into another variant, thus adding your own unique items of rolling stock. The same is true of many of the kits available on the market, with the addition of etched or cast components a kit may be transformed.

In this course Karl will discuss and demonstrate some of the things that can be done and the techniques he uses to transform and improve various wagons, coaches or locomotives, both off-the-shelf items and kits. The planned demonstrations will include

  • Prototype information sources, both in print and online
  • Upgrading brake gear, including the use of etched components
  • Conversion to EM & P4
  • Use of etched W-irons 
  • Compensation and springing
  • Buffers, springs/axleboxes and other castings
  • Complete replacement underframes
  • Correcting dimensional and other errors
  • Handrails and other small details
  • Coupling systems (3-link/screw, Dingham, Sprat & Winkle, Alex Jackson)
  • Transfers
  • Basic painting & weathering

He will mainly be concentrating on 4mm scale items, however participants are free to work in their favoured scale. As with all courses at Missenden Karl will also be on hand to offer advice, help you with your projects and make suggestions as to how to make further improvements.

The other important factor in Missenden weekends is looking at the projects your fellow attendees are working on, swapping ideas and tips and seeing how they do things.

Participants should bring with them projects to work on over the weekend, a selection of components and the tools they will need. Karl has produced a useful list of suggested items and suppliers that can be found in the document Improving RTR & Kits Tool List Autumn 2021.