Ian Rathbone – Painting & Lining

Ian Rathbone – Painting & Lining

Ian is probably one of the best known professional model painters. He is also very well known for passing on his knowledge to others in the form of talks, courses, demonstrations at most of the principal exhibitions and the written word.

Although not a prolific author, his first article, on the construction of a North Stafford tank engine appeared in Model Railways in 1992; a major supplement to British Railway Modelling on painting and lining appeared in 1999, and was reprinted in 2001. Other articles have appeared in Model Railway Journal. His main work has been ‘A Modeller’s Guide to Painting and Lining’, published by Wild Swan, which has become the definitive work on the subject. He presents, along with Tony Wright, the Right Track No. 3 – Painting, Lining & Finishing. The content of this DVD is available as part of our Virtual Autumn Weekend we did in 2020.

A retired Civil Engineer, his modelling career followed the normal pattern from Hornby clockwork through Trix, Hornby Dublo on Wrenn flexible track, to the finescale work he does now. He has been painting for about 30 years, the last 16 professionally. He has a detailed knowledge of railway liveries & especially those of the steam period of British Railways. He can build a chassis and solder too.

See Ian’s website: Ian Rathbone – Model Railway Painter