Spring Weekend 2021

Spring Weekend 5th -7th March 2021

This is a traditional Missenden Weekend with full range of opportunities. We can accommodate a maximum of 70 modellers.

The following courses are currently planned:

Like all courses at Missenden the Weekend is a practical session with the main aim being for participants to gain new skills, acquire fresh outlooks and build something to take home afterwards.

The format has proved very successful over the years with many, many satisfied customers and repeat attenders. The weekend is residential but if you live locally, you can come in daily at a reduced fee.

More details are on the ‘What you can do’ section of this website and we suggest you look at the ‘Tutor profiles’ as well.

Although we ask you to opt for one of these areas, you are free to wander around throughout the weekend, ask questions or even go to another tutor for help.  

If you wanted to work on something else, you could choose the area which you thought would offer the best help.

If you have any questions about the courses, you can send them through the Contact page.

Track testing vehicle as used by Andrew Baatz.
In addition there are demonstrations  during the weekend. Recently these have included:

    • Soldering
    • Sound
    • Tracklaying
    • Airbrushes