Norman Solomon – Track Construction – Retired

Norman Soloman - Track Construction
Norman Soloman – Track Construction

Norman has been modelling professionally for 35 years building all sorts of layouts. He specialised in track building when he realised that little consideration was being given to real scale track. He has written many articles is various Railway Modelling magazines.
At Missenden Abbey, Norman’s track laying group has people who are just starting, others with a little bit of experience and those working on more advanced projects and who just need a bit of guidance.
Norman presents Right Track 10 Laying Terrific Track in which he demonstrates the way he constructs and lays track. These DVDs are no longer available, however we did get permission to use the content during our virtual weekends, Norman’s videos are available in our Autumn 2020 weekend.

Norman has now retired as a Missenden tutor, however on his last weekend he allowed us to video his famous track laying and ballasting demonstration.