Little Missenden


Not yet ready to build a layout? Would love to, but haven’t got the room? Want somewhere to display your models? Fancy having a go at electronics? Need somewhere to try out your locos?

Little Missenden is an exciting new project. It’s an opportunity to turn a blank canvas into a working gallery of modelling skills. Use it as a proving ground for the know-how and skills you acquire on Missenden courses.

Little Missenden is not a course in it’s own right. Rather, it’s a project to work on at home, a work in progress embodying a combination of skills, a summary of all the techniques you’ve learned at Missenden.

Make Little Missenden as simple or as complex as you like. Think of a test track to which you might like to add a bit of scenery, or some simple electronics to work the turnouts. As no turnout should be without a signal, why not build one and install a servo to control it? How about sound chips, hand-built trees, some laser-cut buildings, a bit of weathering on your stock? The possibilities are boundless.

You can make whatever you want of Little Missenden – though we suggest it should fit easily into your car so you can bring it along and show us what you’ve been up to. We offer you the guidance and expertise, you provide the energy and enthusiasm. Together we can create a little slice of Missenden in your own home.

Please use the Contact page to let us know your thoughts on Little Missenden.