Introduction to DCC with Peter Brownlow.

For those just considering or just starting out in DCC. The course will take you from first principles through choosing a DCC system, fitting decoders in locos, setting them up and DCC operations.

This course assumes you have no previous knowledge of DCC.

Topics covered are as follows

What is DCC?

How DCC works.

The advantages and disadvantages of DCC compared to analogue DC control.

Choosing a DCC system- Pros and Cons.

Wiring for DCC.

Choosing and fitting decoders to locos – DCC – Ready or not!

DCC – Ready vs DCC – Fitted Locos.

Setting up your loco decoders [those dreaded cvs].

Consisting [double heading].

Using “Decoder Pro” on a computer to make setting up easier.

Fitting sound to your DCC locos.

The different ways for digital control of your accessories

[points- signals etc]


The myth of the DCC friendly point.