Electronics Workshop

Electronics Workshop with Mike Bolton and John Gowers.

Suitable for all skill levels

All the participants will work in the same room whether they are just starting out in electronics, want to improve their understanding or are already skilled and moving on to more advanced electronics.

You are welcome to bring with you any electronic project you want to work on. We will provide beginners with a couple of simple kits to get started with. The MERG kit-locker, with a range of kits for sale, will also be available.

As well as the general workshop there will be breakout groups in an adjoining room. Whilst the breakout sessions are running the remaining participants can continue with their projects in the main workshop under the tuition of either Mike Bolton or John Gowers.

Breakout sessions will include subjects for beginners such as soldering techniques and learning about electronic components as well as more advanced subjects.

There will be a very wide range of electronic knowledge available amongst your Tutors which you will be able to access over the weekend.

There will be 0 gauge and H0 gauge DCC demonstration layouts available that participants can operate over the weekend.