Welcome to the Spring Weekend 2020


We are delighted you are coming to the Spring Weekend. Even if you’ve been to Missenden before, please read this material carefully to the bottom of the page.

The important enrolment form is also on this site – either click here or press the button above.

Things to do NOW
We want you to get the most out of your time with us, as well as finding help with any difficulties and above all enjoying yourselves. Please fill in the form as fully as you can and return it in good time and no later than Wednesday 26th February. It really makes life difficult for us when people leave it until the last minute. On the form, please:

    • confirm your choice of group or if ‘undecided’ when you booked, now is the time to make up your mind!
    • tell us what modelling projects you’ll be working on
    • describe your aims/aspirations for the weekend
    • let us know of any particular help you need

The more information you give us – and the sooner we have it – the better. The forms go to the tutors so that they are well prepared to ensure everyone’s aims are met.

IMPORTANT: If you have any particular dietary, access, mobility or other requirements and have not already done so when you booked, please let Ross Hughes at The Abbey know as soon as possible (01494 867 997) as well as us. This is important as it could affect the arrangement of bedrooms and the work rooms.

Before you do anything, please check in at Abbey reception after 4.00pm to obtain your room keys and name badges. Please do not go into any of the teaching rooms before 5.30pm unless told otherwise. This will allow the rooms to be set up properly.  I will circulate details of rooms and further information a few days before we meet.  A plan / map of the Abbey is available for you to download from the left hand panel. The Weekend starts properly after supper on Friday and finishes on Sunday when we have to be out of rooms by 4.00pm. There will be a debrief meeting in Carrington immediately following lunch after which you can complete any modelling and clear up.

Your tutors for the weekend:

Gordon Ashton – Introducing Templot.
Paul Bambrick – Backscenes and scenery.
Mick Bonwick – Weathering.
Karl Crowther – Signal construction.
Tony Gee and Tim Watson- 4mm and smaller locomotive and kit construction – beginners and fixed chassis.
Ian Rathbone – Painting and lining.
Norman Solomon – Making track
Kevin Wilson – 7mm and larger locomotive and kit construction.

There will be a series of demonstrations at various times during the weekend. Details will circulated when I send round room allocations and further information shortly before we meet. Tutors will also be giving relevant demonstrations to their groups.

What you need to bring with you:

We emphasise the importance of preparing for your time at Missenden Abbey. Please don’t leave everything to the last moment. The tool lists suggest tools and materials, depending in which area you are working in. Don’t worry if you are missing an item, it can usually be borrowed either from the tutors or from fellow students.

You will need to provide your own workboard, lamp, extension lead, general tools and materials. For Templot, you will need (ideally) a laptop and mouse with the programmes already loaded.

With so much time available for modelling, remember to bring more than one thing to work on and please bring along any problem models you have to get an expert opinion on how they might be sorted out.

We, your Course Organisers, are looking forward to seeing you at Missenden on the Friday afternoon but in the meantime, if you have any questions, please get in touch.