Karl Crowther to return in Spring 2022 with Semaphore Signalling course

We are extremely pleased to  confirm that following Karl‘s return to Missenden to tutor the Improving RTR Stock and Kits course in the Autumn of 2021, he will also be joining us for the Spring weekend in March 2022. This time Karl will be continuing with the semaphore signalling course he previously tutored at Missenden. He will venture onto further, more advanced signals and well as covering the basics for those that require it. Although this course is a follow-on from his previous course it is not a requirement that you attended that previous course.  

signal_3941_cutAs before Karl will be on hand to assist in all things signal related, the intent being that the modellers on the course will, over the course of the weekend, build a working semaphore signal. Karl will be working in 4mm scale, however modellers in any scale are welcome to attend. The intention is to allow those that have attended previously to progress to more complex signals whilst those new to the course can build simpler signals if they wish. As with other courses at Missenden the emphasis is on gaining hands-on, practical experience rather than a lecture style of course. 

The course will also cover common methods for making signals work, including the use of servo motors.

Full course details are available on the course description page for Advanced Semaphore Signalling.

More courses will be announced for the Spring 2022 weekend in the coming days. Please watch the website for further announcements.