In tribute to Mick Bonwick, a master of his art.

Much has been written in internet forums and printed magazines regarding the sad loss of Mick to the world. It is very clear from all that has been said that Mick was held in very high regard not just for his modelling abilities but also his good humour, approachable character and overall helpful approach to life. Certainly all of us that are involved in the Missenden Abbey courses have a very fond memories of Mick and will miss him greatly. As no doubt will those who have attended his courses, or other courses during Mick’s time organising and tutoring at Missenden Abbey and at Pendon museum.

As our own small contribution to the memory of Mick we have created a page on this website, Mick Bonwick – A Weathering Master, that celebrates his work through the examples and recorded tutorials he has done for us all to share. We have also included some written memories of Mick himself from former course organiser Christopher Langdon. This will become a permanent part of the reference section of this site and will hopefully give encouragement and be a way that a small part of Mick’s goal of passing on his weathering techniques to people may be continued.

There will certainly be a hole in the centre of the next few gatherings at Missenden Abbey, but I am sure Mick would want us to continue and celebrate all that is good, and above all fun, about meeting together to continue our shared hobby. I for one will be raising a glass to Mick at the forthcoming Autumn weekend.