3D CAD added to the Spring 2022 Weekend

We are pleased to announce that as part of the Spring 2022 weekend we will feature a course on 3D CAD for the Railway Modeller. Over the last few years new technologies have been making inroads into the hobby; etching, computer controlled card cutters, laser cutting, 3D printing and hobby priced CNC machines. These newly available and affordable machines compliment the more traditional skills of the modeller allowing even greater diversity in the models we can create

3 - Fusion 360A common theme with these various technologies is the need to be able to use some kind of computer aided design software to draw the objects that we want to produce. Being able to draw a three dimensional representation of an object is key to creating a 3D print of that object. This course will take you through the skills needed to create 3 dimentional models of the objects you want to create. The course will feature Justin Newitt as course tutor. Justin is well known as both a CAD tutor and Missenden weekends and also for his Rumney Models business that supplies etched and 3D printed products to the model railway hobby. 

This course adds to the others that we will offer during our Spring weekend that will run from March 4th to 6th 2022. The current list of course is