Making Track

What people have said:

Inspirational. I'm now much more comfortable with track building techniques that used to intimidate me.

Norman was brilliant. Time with him was a real eye-opener.


Norman Solomon's trackwork is featured regularly in magazines and is as good as it gets. The foundation of any layout, this is where you find out just how to make reliable track, learn to recognise the pitfalls of construction and acquire the skills to avoid them. Whether you’ve never made a piece of track in your life or already have built some complicated configurations, this is where you can settle to learning, building and quite possibly completing your piece.

Track building

Not everyone, however, is in a position to build a layout of their own and one of the options within this group is the construction of a test track. Whether you use bespoke hand-laid trackwork or Peco Streamline, Norman will show you how to create a length of track to put your models through their paces, prove their running qualities and, if necessary, expose their shortcomings. Giving your test track the full scenic diorama treatment a la Barry Norman is a further option you might like to consider as a space-saving alternative to a layout proper.

Test track

You’ll also get a demonstration of Norman's method of laying and ballasting track, a method developed over many years.  However, it is quick - blink and you might miss it.  He holds the Missenden record for tracklaying – a metre length, fully ballasted, in less than a minute!

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