Scenery and Dioramas

What people have said:

‘Barry enabled my back scenes to be much improved, and Ian's personal demonstrations and advice were particularly helpful.’


We have courses for scenic modellers with two top-rated tutors at our weekends.

At the Autumn meeting, Barry Norman will guide you through the process of building your own trees, hedges, fields, cuttings and other scenic features. Working in your preferred scale/gauge, this is a great way of learning new techniques in a focused and integrated fashion. If you need expert help with designing and building baseboards, Barry is the go-to man – in the 1990s his lightweight ply boards revolutionised baseboard construction and he has made many improvements since.


Our tutor for the Spring Classic Weekend is professional scenic artist Paul Bambrick who created the astonishing 3D backscenes on ‘Bucks Hill’, Kevin Wilson’s magnificent 7mm scale layout. You can explore Paul’s impressive body of work in more detail on his website.


Like Barry, Paul can also show you how to create a convincing miniature landscape for a layout or diorama and he is particularly interested in backscenes that integrate two- and three-dimensional modelling. This a rare opportunity to work one-to-one with one of the true masters of the art – you’ll learn all about the essentials of perspective, horizons, scales and vanishing points, not necessarily in that order. Discovering how to compress two scale miles into 3/4" without it seeming obvious is a truly fascinating experience . . .

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