What can I see?

What people have said:

‘It doesn't matter how many model magazines or books you read, or how experienced you may be, you can always learn something unique and invaluable at Great Missenden.’

The emphasis of the gatherings is on developing skills, creating the opportunity for you to get on with modelling and have help available when you need it.

'Another day in Paradise!'

All GaugesWe cater for all scales and gauges – though most participants model in either 2mm, 4mm or 7mm. Techniques migrate easily between subject areas and scales.

Our loco-building workshops, for instance, always contain a healthy Carriage and Wagon Department while RTR-based modellers happily work alongside kit-bashers and scratchbuilders. The tutors are your main focus for technical support, but fellow participants will be equally helpful. Missenden thrives on an atmosphere of generous co-operation; if you find you’re out of 0.3mm wire or have forgotten your best riffler, there’s always someone who can help out.

The standard of modelling is high, but the environment is definitely NOT competitive. There is a real desire to see you do as well as you can and go home with a sense of achievement - and with your model if not finished, well on it's way to completion.

What can I see?

Nothing is guaranteed because each course member is following his or her (we do have women on courses from time to time) own agenda.  However, in the past, people have been working on:

There have also been demonstrations during a course:

If you want to know how to do something or are having difficulty, then ASK.  If possible, let us know before you come so that something can be prepared. Please use the 'Get in Touch' page. Our tutors are very experienced modellers who can help in many areas other than the ones with which you most readily associate them.

4mm Hunslett
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At various times over the years, you will have been able to see scales from Gauge 1 (10mm/ft) to Z (1.5mm/ft).  However, most work seen is in either 4mm or 7mm.