4mm Locomotive and Kit Construction

What people have said:

‘I would never have made a working locomotive if I hadn’t been to one of these courses.’

It's good to know the expertise is there in the room if you need it.


Perennially popular, this course offers hands-on practical support with issues that challenge even experienced modellers – preparation, soldering, chassis construction, compensation systems, motor mounting, detailing, assembling valve gear and fitting pickups. The aim is to take home a model that not only works reliably but is well on the way to completion. Locomotives naturally predominate but we also have a very active carriage & wagon department.

At the Autumn meeting, Tony Gee lays emphasis on getting the basics right – square and true underframes, boilers and roofs sitting level, wheels correctly quartered, spacers accurately aligned, compensation doing its job. If you’ve been having difficulty in this area (and who hasn’t, at one time or another?) then here’s how to get it right. The course caters for all the 4mm gauges as well as 3mm and 2mm modellers.

GWR King
Help is available for a range of techniques

At the Spring gathering, we usually have two tutors operating:

Tony Gee’s course on kit construction caters for modellers with basic skills, who want expert advice and time for uninterrupted modelling. If you’re having difficulty making a locomotive run, or have mastered the art of making wonky rolling stock, then bring your handiwork along. Tony focuses on the core essentials of construction – preparation, soldering, assembly with and without jigs, wheeling-up and building etched/whitemetal bodywork. Whatever gauge you work in, whether you’re a first-timer or simply need a refresher, this back-to-basics course will encourage you to learn the guiding principles of kit construction.


For those, wanting to push things further, Tim Watson makes his skills and experience as CME of Copenhagen Fields available to the Advanced Locomotive Chassis Clinic. As well as the OO, EM and P4 boys, we usually have a healthy gathering of 2mm scale and N gauge modellers.  In this group Tim will help you with CSBs, compensation, springing, multi-stage gearboxes, split-chassis construction and all the ultimate refinements of the chassis-builder’s art. Tim has tutored this course for several years with a dedicated nucleus of modellers returning regularly.

Tony Gee is also one of the tutors at our ever-popular Summer Retreat where, for six gloriously uninterrupted days in August (Sunday afternoon to Saturday lunchtime) you can really get to grips with your chosen project, whether it’s a locomotive, a coach or a rake of wagons.


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