7mm Locomotive and Kit Construction

What people have said:

'I would never had finished it without the help of the tutors and fellow modellers at Missenden Abbey'


Building a finescale locomotive or an item of rolling stock in 7mm scale is generally a long-term project and it helps to get off on the right foot. Whether it’s rolling boilers, getting carriage underframes straight and level or building smooth-running chassis, our experts will show how it should be done. Modellers come back to the group again and again to take advantage of this expertise, and to see their own creations gradually take shape.

Picking up bits

This long-running course takes you through the essentials of kit construction in 7mm scale and is tutored by Kevin Wilson, creator of the wonderful Bucks Hill Model Railway. As more and more people turn to the senior scale as a way of building working models with the maximum level of detail, they’re also finding that this approach isn’t without its pitfalls – you can quickly tie yourself up in knotsand, as we well know, kit instructions rarely, if ever, tell the whole story.

Tank wagon

The 7mm group includes a carriage & wagon section as well as loco-builders. As well as showing you how to get the most out of the high-quality kits that are now on the market, your tutor will help you work around the shortcomings and design faults inherent in some 7mm kits. Kevin has built many of them over the years, and can help steer you away from trouble. This group is also a bit of a machine shop and among the members there is a vast amount of technical expertise for you to draw on.

NG loco
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