Controlling Your Layout for Initiates

What people have said:

'Great weekend, I've come away full of ideas to develop CBus controls, thank you for your efforts making it a success.'

"With help from Howard and Pete I have moved from being "BEWILDERED" to this weekend where I achieved the hard wiring of two N guage Class 66, two Class 60s and a 6 pin chip in a Dapol steam loco.
Thanks again."

Controlling Your Layout with Mike Bolton

Electronics are here to stay in model railways, especially for operation and control. But you don’t need to be much of a boffin or even a DCC user to benefit from the latest developments in layout control.

Electronics test bedMike Bolton will run a practical workshop where you can assemble a range of brilliant MERG kits aimed at making layout operation more interesting, reliable and wide-ranging. The kits have excellent instructions so you should be capable of building a one without any electronic knowledge, providing you can solder. Kits can be joined together to build an integrated system of layout control.

Book on this Weekend and, by special arrangement, you will have access to the range of MERG kits, even if you are not a member of MERG.

Learn how to build the electronic kits yourself to do things like:

CBUSWork on whatever subject or project you wish. Mike, as key kit designer, will tell you about the CBUS range of layout control kits. Problems understanding Cbus, building Cbus kits or with DCC? Mike will is there to help you.

For those familiar with CBUS, Mike will be demonstrating Control panels using CANPAN, route setting using his new CANSCAN modules and a Raspberry Pi3 connected to CBUS via the MERG developed Pi ‘CAP’ board running JMRI.

Mike Bolton is a member of the NMRA DCC Working Group (responsible for developing DCC) and originator of the CBUS layout control. He is the best person to advise you on any aspect of building, testing, programming and installing digital systems. In particular, he can help you use your kits to control your layout, build control panels and solve layout control problems.

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