Electronic Control

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Brilliant. So much explained and so well.

Howard was great. I feel confident enough to go on to the Initiates' course next year.


Electronic Control for Novices with John Gowers
Further Electronic Control
with Mike Bolton

Mystified by the terminology?
Want to use digital control on your layout?
Confused about the different systems and products?
Want to know more?

1. Electronic Control for Novices is for those finding their way. You will be guided by John Gowers, taking you through the basics with a mixture of the theoretical and practical. This is ideal for those thinking about or beginning to use digital control. You will be shown in simple terms how electronics can be used to enhance control and running of your layout.

Topics covered include:

2. Further Electronic Control, will be with Mike Bolton. Once you have got the basics, or already have a good understanding of electronics, you might like to delve further. Make your layout operation more interesting and reliable with further electronic devices you can build yourself.

Come to the Autumn Weekend and you will have access to MERG’s range of kits whether you are a MERG member or not.

Mike Bolton developed the CBUS system of control and designed many of the kits for MERG. Mike can help you with CBUS, DCC, DC and anything electronic. This is an opportunity to develop your knowledge of electronic control, learn more about electronics and make useful kits with the designer on hand to help and guide you.

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