Building Construction

A new course for scenic modellers with Karl Crowther

In response to requests from our modellers, professional modeller Karl Crowther will help you make a simple building using different techniques such as laser cutting and etched parts together with a variety of materials.

The hands-on course will take you through basic construction and particularly the artistry involved in making a convincing structure. Especially suitable for people who may have had experience with simple plastic or card buildings, Karl will help you get to the next level of scratchbuilding structures.


Whilst techniques employed are suitable for all scales, Karl will be providing parts in 4mm. There will be two structures on offer, a small goods shed and a small yard office. Parts for the basic structure will be provided with you, the modeller, bringing the 'decoration' - brick or stone embossed styrene, card or modelling clay such as DAS.

Goods shed

Provided will be:

You will need to bring:

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